At this really charming location the Spedition Bartkowiak was founded in 1966.


• 1966 Manfred Bartkowiak sets off as a part-time freight carrier – with car and trailer
• 1969 Establishment of the Spedition Manfred Bartkowiak as an indivual enterprise in Hildesheim
• 1970 Composition of the areas in furniture and relocation sector as well as special transports
• 1980 Expansion of all operational areas by the establishment of locations in Halberstadt and Stapelburg.
• 2000 transformation from Int. Spedition Bartkowiak into a GmbH
• Since the change of generations in 2000, a young dedicated team leads the Spedition Bartkowiak GmbH with our usual high level of reliability and expertise.
• 2014 expansion to double size by acquiring the ASB ground


Since that time the company has grown steadily and expanded early after the German reunification with two strategic meaningful locations in Halberstadt and Stapelburg the high level of awareness in the region Hildesheim/Hannover.

Continuously, we are creating intelligent solutions in all areas for the customers’ good and a future-oriented growth of our company.


Growth with sense of proportion. Right picture: October 2014