Corporate guidelines of the Spedition Bartkowiak


1. Customer orientated approach

The Spedition Bartkowiak sees itself as a partner of its customers in the value added chain and offers an excess value by effective service and achievement. We give the exchange of experiences with our customers and innovative logistic partners, respecting their expectations and a sophisticated logistic concept top priority to ensure and improve our customers’ satisfaction continuously. A fair, trusting and lasting relationship forms the basis of cooperation.


2. Success by our staff

The basic requirement for business success are our eligible employees and their tireless commitment. As a conveyance we have a high responsibility for our more 85 employees. Therefore, we rely on an open and trustful communication, team orientated management style and the advancement of the continuous improvement process in our company.


3. Safety and health

The philosophy of our company will never allow to subordinate our employees’ protection and health to business interests. Therefore, we create a work environment whose safety and sanitary standards are checked and adapted to temporal changes. Health and motivation are the guarantor for a collective future.


4. Conservation

We are aware of our big responsibility for the environment. That is why we rely on a low-emission vehicle fleet which fulfil the requirements of the EURO 5 norm. At the moment we are upgrading our fleet to EURO 6. We commit ourselves to assume responsibility for the environment and deal with resources economically by using state-of-the-art technology. We aim to reduce the carbon dioxide dramatically and to decrease our fleet’s consumption annually.


5. Sustainability

We check all our strategic decisions for long-term and sustainable success, which is a matter of special importance for the stock and the social environment’s development of our company. So the Spedition Bartkowiak becomes a reliable and active partner for every pressure group.


6. Society

Despite our greatest efforts society and environment can be impaired by corporate activities. Our avowed aim is not only to minimise those influencing factors but also to try hard to fall below the given boundary values as far as possible and to spread this know-how. We need to argue other companies into the need of acting ecologically. We have children whose future is of great importance for us!


Our longtime experience in the transport and logistic industry taught us that only a sustainable way of using our recourses and a customer orientated acting will always lead to successful solutions.