August 2016, Hildesheim/ Wolfenbüttel

100% customer satisfaction

10th of August 2016, Hildesheim

We are increasing (again) und just got our second DAF!

9th of July 2016, Hildesheim

From now on, we offer our polish employees a free internal German language course.

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1st of July 2016, Nürburgring

8th and 9th of June 2016, Hildesheim/ Brussels

We are presenting our idea "20-20-20" at the GOODYEAR headquarter and the Square Brussels Meeting Center to members of the European Commission. 

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18th of April 2016, Wolfsburg, brainstorming at highest level

23rd of March 2015, Hildesheim, Transics builds in new telematics

By 2020, our aim is to reduce the fuel consumption to 20 liters/ 100 km. This is the next step on our way to reach “Triple Twenty’’

We look forward to test the possibilities this new system offers.

27th of February 2015, Hildesheim, Watch out! - The blind spot


The Deutsche Verkehrswacht (German Road Safety Organisation) informs primary-school pupils from Hildesheim

When turning right, drivers can’t see parts of the pedestrians or cyclists.

Especially cyclists who stand to the right of a truck in the so-called “blind spot” intending to go straight ahead, while the truck is willing to turn right, are highly prone to accidents.

To talk about the associated risk Dr h.c. Wolfgang Schultze, vice president of the Deutsche Verkehrswacht, visited the SVHI Stadtverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (responsible for the city buses) where he met several primary school classes from Hildesheim.

As in previous years, the Spedition Bartkowiak GmbH supports this initiative. 

6th of February 2015, Celle, New Year's reception of the Economic Council

New Year’s reception of the Economic Council Lower Saxony 2015

speaker: Dr Thomas Schäfer, MdL [Member of the State Assembly], Hessian finance minister

 It’s all about sharing ideas!

What’s the current status and what are the challenges we have to face in future?

 picture: Stefan Schröder and Andreas Manke 


28th - 30th of October 2014, Nice, ''Renault Trucks Challenge''


Optifuel Challenge 2014 Nice. Helfried Hofmann, Andreas Batzel and Andreas Manke with the polar bear mascot and Renault Trucks president Bruno Blin (2. picture from right). Europe’s best drivers met for exchange of experiences and a big competition in Nice. Our candidate Andreas Batzel could match with the branch’s best of the best. The team “logistics evaluation’’ commended him explicitly for his considered and thus economical driving. Of course, our polar bear was pleased as well - maybe because everybody wanted to pose for photos with him ;-)

18th of October 2014, Hildesheim, staff meeting: exchange and training


It’s not that simple to understand – purely physical – why one saves so much more diesel by limiting the tractor to 85 km/h. The equivalence of mass and energy is expressed in the formula E=mc2 or, to put it simply: “The last km/h are the most expensive!’’

Heavy stuff in the morning for all drivers. But eventually, this mediated theoretical knowledge enables them to reach unbelievable fuel consumptions by also using their practical experiences.

10th of October 2014, Hildesheim, We are increasing



Michael Ahrens und Klaus Bartkowiak                                           Closer to the goal                                MAN Service Point is only a few kilometers from the depot


After adding two Renault Range T which is a two-third share of Renault in our fleet by now, we are increasing with two more MAN-EfficientLine, Lowliner Euro VI. The consumption, similar to the Renault, as well as the nearby workshops and their professional assistance at the service point Hildesheim do definitely convince.

Left picture: Michael Ahrens, regional distribution MAN and Klaus Bartkowiak

Picture in the middle: The last 4 months’ fuel consumptions were at an  average of 27,7 l/ 100km. Right picture: Andreas Manke appreciates the service point, which is only a few kilometers from the depot. 

1st of October 2014, Hanover, Klaus Bartkowiak is buying two “Truck of the year 2015’’



This fits in our way to look at something in its entirety – a typical win-win situation. The Range T by Renault Trucks becomes “Truck of the year 2015’’ and placed itself as the fuel saver up front. Forcefully, Klaus Bartkowiak orders two of those excellent types.

Left and middle pictures: Joachim Schürmann (left) and Klaus Bartkowiak (middle) while signing the contract. 

30th of September 2014, Hanover, hi-consulting for the Spedition Bartkowiak at the IAA 2014



Left picture: Joachim Schürmann, sales manager Volvo Trucks Group, Tarcis Berberat, Director Commercial Renault Trucks, Stefan Schröder and Andreas Manke, hi-consulting and conveyance management of the Spedition Bartkowiak with the “Truck of the year 2015’’ cup in front of the Range T at the Renault Trucks stand.

Picture in the middle: Using these GOODYEAR tyres it is possible to achieve our aims in matters of saving fuel. Right picture: WABCO engineer, Torsten Wand, second from left, shows which solutions are necessary to face future challenges.

24th of September 2014, Hildesheim, GOODYEAR DUNLOP shoots promotion film about our conveyance


How did the conveyance manage to reduce the fuel consumption so drastically? What is the concept behind the TCO- (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis? What are the new challenges, which we have to face nowadays? What do contractors demand of Europe? In what way do the new Goodyear-Dunlop tyres matter? All of these questions are answered in the clip Goodyear-Dunlop made on the 24th of September at our depot. You can see the clip here after the premiere in Brussels on the 14th of October 2014.

9th of August 2014, Hildesheim, course of instruction for the truck drivers with Steffen Oppel



Steffen Oppel illustrates vividly the theoretical basis in relation to practice. How do I use my vehicle in a very efficient way? What do I have to keep in mind when I start the speed control and how important are individual drivers’ decisions. Meanwhile, there was a parallel running practice test where one could face the current challenges (lower row in the middle: Andreas Manke shows the kilometers on the computer).

22nd of July 2014, Hildesheim, “tyre change’’


 At the tyre change the GOODYEAR tyres of the newest generation score above average. The tyres of the motor tractor have been changed or replaced on the 19th of July 2014. We swapped the trailers accordingly and made sure the tyres would get the same position at the rear axle (left, right, inside and outside). We are really curious about the final results... but expect the positive results to be confirmed at the end.